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Prince Albert
Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Professor Lou Botomy (just call me Lou)
Cape Fear Roller Girls
Public Frenemy
Charlottesville Derby Dames
Raci Lords
River City Rollergirls
Raggedy Animal
Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Rebel Without a Pulse
Assault City roller Derby
Rev Al Mighty
Reverend Loaf
Shoreline Roller Derby
Ric Nimrod
NEO Roller Derby & Little Steel Derby Girls
Rick Sado
Beckely area Derby Dames
Rock Thudson
Green Mountain Derby Dames
Carolina Rollergirls
Pioneer Valley Roller Derby
Roller Polar Bear
The Inhuman League
Rolling Thunder
Southern Discomfort
Rolls Voyce
Central City Rollergirls
Ruby Nesque
Shoreline Roller Derby
Seedy Sam
Diamond State Roller Girls
Eastern Carolina Brawling Betties
Shaty McNasty
Lehigh Valley Hissy Fits
Sheer Tara
Queen City Roller Girls
Shut The Fred Up
Lut├Ęce Destroyeuses
Single Malt Scott
Montreal Roller Derby
Sinister Minister
Roc City Roller Derby
DC Rollergirls
Granite City Roller Girls
Smarmy Stinson
Rocktown Rollers
Southern Discomfort Roller Derby
Spicy McHaggis
Muddy River Rollers
Spock-it To You
Lehigh Valley Roller Girls

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