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The Crimson Vixen
Vindicated Vixens
The Dude
Keweenaw Roller GIrls
The Great Smacksby
Mean City Roller Derby
Token Redshirt
Ottawa Valley Roller Derby
Trish of Death
Capital City Rollergirls
Trouble Tee
GTA Rollergirls
Ladies of HellTown (São Paulo, Brazil)
Walter ConkedRight
Oklahoma Victory Dolls
Wheela Monster
JBLM Bettie Brigade
Al Harris
Mother State Roller Derby
Annie Hall
ROC City Roller Derby
Philly Roller Girls
Austin Tatious
Red Rock 'N' Roller Derby (Prince Edward Island)
Axl Rolls
Salisbury, Diamond State and Southern Delaware Roller Girls
Baam Baam
Philly Roller Girls
Barry Tone
Diamond State Rollergirls
BB Basher
Steel City Derby Demons
Bette Noir
London Roillergirls
Bitches Bruze / Amy Jo Moore
Wide Wide World of Derby
Central New York Roller Derby
Bob deQuickly
Convict City Rollers
Bobby Narco
Bone Crawford
Jersey Shore Rollergirls
Bootiful Banshee
Mass Attack Roller Derby
Brawl McCartney
Queen City Roller Girls
Seaway Roller Derby Girls
Brother Bruno
J-town Roller Girls
Bubbles The Brave
Belleville Roller Derby
Candy Corn-ary
Green Mountain Derby Dames
Captain Balding
Hub City Derby Dames