Association of Flat Track Roller Derby Announcers

If you have ever been to a flat track roller derby bout, watched one on TV or even caught one of the multiple on-line streams then chances are you've heard exceptional play by play, witty banter and a detailed explanation of the rules and strategy employed by the skaters on the track.  If this is the case then you've heard an AFTDA Member hard at work.  We are the sports broadcasters for the fastest growing sport in the world, Flat Track Roller Derby!

The members of the AFTDA strive to improve their knowledge of an ever changing game, increase their level of professionalism and ensure a good time is had by all.  The AFTDA members are lovers of Roller Derby and their enthusiasm shines through in the voices you hear while at most sanctioned roller derby bouts.  Certification tests have been developed to ensure that each announcer has a deep understanding of the rules, methods and hand signals employed during a roller derby bout.  While they make it seem easy while on the mic, these announcers have dedicated their time and their efforts on bringing the highest level of play by play, sponsor marketing, crowd education and fan enjoyment possible to each and every bout.