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Gored N' Skatefoot
H.A.R.D. Hartford Area Roller Derby
Hale Razor
Helen Carnate
New Hampshire Roller Derby
Nomad (unaffiliated)
Holly Sheet
Roller Derby Leicester
Hymen Heaven
Philly Roller Girls
Ida Feltersnatch
Central New York Roller Derby
Palm Coast Roller Derby
Iron Monger
Copenhagen Roller Derby
Jake Steel/Joaquin Dead
Long Island Roller Rebels
Jesus Takes The Wheels
Muddy River Rollers
Joe Blow
Announcer for Hire
Johnny Cash Machine
Boston Derby Dames
Juggernaut Bitch
CT Roller Girls
Juris Pretentious
Steel City
Boston Derby Dames
Keyser Woza
Cape Town Rollergirls
Kim Deal With It
DC Rollergirls
Kin Khey
Dundee Roller Girls
King Crazy
Spa Town Roller Girls
Kitchen Party
Fog City Rollers Saint John
Five40 Roller Girls and Southern Maryland Roller Derby
Lady Oshun (Lady O)
Boston Derby Dames
Laughing Penguin
Strong Island Derby Revolution
Lightning Rodge
Maine Roller Derby
Lil Joker 24/7
Lincolnshire Bombers & Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder
Lip Service
Queen City Roller Girls
Madman Skatermouth
Mason Dixon Roller Vixens