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Mr Tea & Biscuits
Eves of Destruction
Naughty Maudie
Southern Oregon Rollergirls
Norwasian Persuasion
Rat City Rollergirls
Papa Razzo
Red Deer Roller Derby Association
Velvet Owls
Phil Dirt
Dockyard Derby Dames
Professor D.
Rage City Rollergirls
Reverend Jimmie James
Durango Roller Girls
Rock DeMike
Castle Rock N Rollers
Rage City
Roxy YourFaceOff
Cherry City Derby Girls
Rum Barrel
Ark Valley High Rollers
Scott Chicken
Jet City Rollergirls
Sir Loin
In Transition... in SoCal
Skater Formerly Known As Chipher Bones
Sis-Q Rollerz
Slammo Calrissian
Angel City Derby Girls, Drive By City Rollers
Oly Rollers
Stu Pidasso
Junction City Roller Dolls
Surf bear
Monterey Bay Derby Dames
LA Derby Dolls
Teflon Dawn #57
Gypsy Roller Rebels
The Fringe Element
Sin City Rollergirls
The ill Reverend Mic
San Diego Derby Dolls
The King
Rose City Rollers
The La
Amature Derby
Thurston Gore
Rainy City Roller Dolls
Tina Sparkill
Northside Rollers
Tommy Knockings
Ulrich von Hurtem
Beach Cities Roller Derby
Veloci RipHer
Sacred City Derby Girls