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Board Code of Conduct
Written by Brad Example   
Effective 2014 Jan 12
  1. Board members must maintain active AFTDA member status throughout their year of service.

  2. Board members must pass or re-pass the certification test each year they are elected or at anytime it is required during their year of service.

  3. Board members must stay active in their board position and maintain open communications with the rest of the board.

  4. Board members are expected to attend all scheduled board meetings except when there are reasonable extenuating circumstances.

  5. The board member may take no position in another organization that may constitute a conflict of interest with their Board of Directors position without disclosing said conflict to the BoD.

  6. The board member may accept no gift or compensation that would compromise their position of objectivity and constitute a conflict of interest with any organization or sponsor.  All sponsors of board members in the roller derby community must be disclosed to AFTDA’s BoD in a timely manner and approved by a majority vote.

  7. Board members must represent AFTDA in all aspects of their behavior as a roller derby persona. This includes home bouts, travel bouts, after-parties and any additional location where that member is using his or her nom de derby as their primary title.

  8. Board members with additional job titles are responsible for a status report on those jobs to be delivered regularly to the BoD.

  9. Board members must report any business done in a timely and thorough manner in writing to the BoD.

  10. Board members must keep in strictest confidence all conversations held online or under the title of AFTDA BoD member.


Conflict within the BOD


If a board member is accused of breaching this code of conduct they may respond by calling for a debate and a vote on the subject. If a quorum agrees, they will convene in an open debate as to the punishment.  The offending member will be censured or more depending on the quorum’s decision. The choice of any punishment must be unanimous.

A board member may only be removed from their position by a vote of no confidence by their board member peers resulting from a unanimous decision.

Leave of absence

If a board member cannot meet requirements of attendance or activity, they must formally request a leave of absence.  The leave must be approved by a quorum of the board.

Business protocol

Because we as roller derby announcers do business in such diverse and nonstandard locations, a standard operating procedure is needed to protect how information is spread  to other members of the board.  Any time or place AFTDA Board Members attend a large event such as conferences, conventions, tournaments, etc, they are required to make a status report concerning AFTDA activity at that event which includes but is not limited to the quality of announcing, the quality of management of the announcers, the opinions of roller derby organizations and other large groups have towards AFTDA, etc. This status report must come within 7 days of the last day of the event.  If multiple board members attend the same event, a report is still required from each member attending.

If a board member is unable to make a report due to extenuating circumstances the board members must through due diligence attempt to document to the best of their ability, any derby announcer news or business done.  This is above and beyond incidents and includes keeping notes on meetings in informal locations.

Transparency insurances

All business done under the title of AFTDA BoD member must be 100% transparent to the other members.  Relevant phone calls, in-person conversations and electronic correspondence should be summarized to the board in a timely manner.  Any business done under the title of AFTDA BoD member that is withheld will be considered fraudulent and constitute a breach of this code.

All standard documents must be available for review to any active member of AFTDA by request to the secretary.  This does NOT include messages, threads or discussions, only standardized documents ratified and uploaded from the files section agreed by all parties to be public domain.  This Board of Director’s Code of Conduct must remain public at all times.

Unilateral Action

When an incident occurs the member of the board responsible is cleared for unilateral action and taking a position the other members of the board will back up.  No other member may make a statement to represent all of the AFTDA board without a majority vote on the issue.  Personal editorial comments must be identified as not representing AFTDA or the AFTDA BoD.   In case of an emergency any board member present may assume control of a situation to protect AFTDA members or interests.  The actions will be reviewed after the fact by the board to insure the actions taken were appropriate.  This review must occur in a timely manner.

Timely Issue Resolution

The BoD will endeavor to address incidents in as timely a manner as possible.